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Facebook mostly in control of things for wifi

Who We Are

We believe that accelerating innovation coupled with new business approaches and cost efficiencies will help the industry build the networks of the future and create business opportunities for new and existing companies, alike.
Board of Directors. TIP is led by a dynamic Board of Directors representing leading companies in the telecom industry.
Technical Committee. TIP is supported by an expert Technical Committee comprised of engineers and telecom technology experts, who help drive TIP’s technical strategy.
Members. Finally, TIP has a diverse Membership made up of over 500 Member organizations, including operators, technology providers, developers, integrators, startups, and a range of other entities inside and outside the traditional telco space.
Our Members are at the core of our work. Members from all backgrounds are coming together to build a vibrant, collaborative telecom ecosystem. We rely on active participation from our Members to contribute new ideas and constantly iterate on those ideas to make them better. Together, we believe we can build the telecom infrastructure of the future.


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Sept12 big day in news, paradigm shifts

"Having multiple groups responsible for anything raises an inherent dilemma because ownership is distributed across people and/or departments. This makes it difficult to establish clear accountability. It’s now standard practice for corporate executive teams to have a chief information security officer (CISO) position. But that’s simply not enough." hashtag#msftadvocatehashtag#internetofthingshashtag#streams