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It's Really Reliable

Roam seamlessly and securely to
or even
Roam seamlessly and securely to

Hints WiFi may be it!

WiFi Matters more :)

Shows industry does not know about offloading

WiFi Cerftified homes?

83 % ???  

Seoul free internet!!!!

FCC Chairman had some words

Ring the bells !!!

Sarah Jarosz (Transatlantic Sessions)

Sarah Jarosz (Americana Sessions) . - thank you Miller and Bob D. 

Miller tribute!!!!!!!!   Thank you i will not forget our Henstebest you know that!


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Sept12 big day in news, paradigm shifts . Accountability

Sept12 big day in news, paradigm shifts

"Having multiple groups responsible for anything raises an inherent dilemma because ownership is distributed across people and/or departments. This makes it difficult to establish clear accountability. It’s now standard practice for corporate executive teams to have a chief information security officer (CISO) position. But that’s simply not enough." hashtag#msftadvocatehashtag#internetofthingshashtag#streams